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  • DHTC系列-立體停車庫專用減速機 DHTC series gear motor for car parking system

    產品特點 Product features:


    It adopts the latest international technology, independent research and development design, and integrates intelligent control of mechanical and electrical integration. It has reliable safety performance, no vibration, low noise, fully enclosed fast brake motor, built-in and external dual-use manual release device, large carrying capacity, maintenance-free, easy to operate, hard tooth surface gear using high-quality low-carbon alloy, the steel is carburized and quenched, and is manufactured by a fully CNC precision grinding process. The housing is not corroded and the service life is up to 30 years.

    產品性能 Product performance:

    1.快速剎車時間僅為0.1秒-0.24秒 fast-brake time only 0.1 second - 0.24 second

    2.噪音僅為58dB-65dB(A)noise only 58 dB - 65 dB(A)

    3.機械振動值小于11μm mechanical vibration value is less than 11μm

    4.使用壽命高達30年 lifetime could reach to 30 years