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  • QYJ系列-輕量化大功率減速機 QYJ series heavy duty gear box

    QYJ 系列減速機分為QYJH 平行軸和QYJB 直交軸兩大類,有1 ~ 4 級傳動。

    QYJ is divided into QYJH parallel shaft and QYJB 90° shaft, from one stage to 4 stages.


    Mounting position: horizontal,vertical and upright mounting position.

    技術參數 Thechnical data

    傳動比 gear ratio:      1.25 ~ 450

    額定輸出扭矩 rated output torque:  20 ~ 500 KNm

    額定功率 motor power:     1.1 ~ 200 KW


    點擊下載樣本 Click to download manual