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  • P系列-平行軸斜齒輪減速機 P series parallel shaft helical gear motor

    P 系列減速機由二級或三級斜齒輪組成,輸入與輸出平行。

    P series gear motor is composed with two-stage or three-stage gears. Input shaft and output shaft is parallel.


    Mounting position: footed mounting, flange mounting, shaft mounting etc.

    技術參數 Thechnical data:

    輸出轉速 output speed:    10 ~ 752 rpm

    額定輸出扭矩 rated output torque:10 ~ 20000 Nm

    電機功率 motor power:  0.12 ~ 200 KW


    點擊下載樣本 Click to download manual