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  • DQ系列起重機驅動系統減速機 DQ series hoist drive for crane


    European type low-noise hoist drive is used in the fully intelligent control operation crane system.


    The hoist drive is composed of strengthened aluminum alloy housing,motor, intergrated thermal protection and brake.

    減速機殼體采用低壓鑄強化鋁合金,保證鋁制強度不變形,輕量型,平面花鍵輸出軸(歐標)硬齒面斜齒輪采用高性質20CrMnTi齒輪鋼,經滲碳處理確保硬齒面與強度,對齒輪進行數控精磨加工而成,保證齒輪硬度與精度技術要求,全封閉式平面齒輪組合傳動,機械傳動效率高達98%,負載運行噪音低于60 dB(A),適宜室外環境運行工作。

    The housing of reducer is made of low-pressure cast reinforced aluminum alloy to ensure that the aluminum strength is not deformed and its weight is light. The spline output shaft (European standard) and hard tooth helical gear are made of high-quality 20CrMnTi gear steel. The carburizing treatment ensures the gears' hard teeth surface strength.Then  gears are made by CNC precision grinding to ensure the technical requirements of gear hardness and accuracy. The fully enclosed combination hoist drive has a mechanical transmission efficiency up to 98% and a running noise less than 60 dB (A), suitable for outdoor working condition.


    The low-noise housing of motor is heat-drawn aluminum alloy, withnheat dissipation and sound-absorbing system. European type  rotor skew-slot stator is precisely wound with copper wire, and is deeply dipped in paint. Insulation class F and H, protection class IP55, working system S1 operation, suitable for outdoor working environment +80 ℃ to -25 ℃, not suitable for direct corrosive objects. Frequency conversion could reach to 110Hz, start frequency 1Hz.


    With plane spring-loaded electromagnetic brake, the braking torque is more than 100Nm and fast brake time is ≥0.05s.With the non-asbestos brake disc dry friction, the overall brake is equipped with titanium cover plate to prevent the damp brake from malfunctioning.The brake could be used 200,000 times ( Free of adjustment) / 1 million times (adjustment) (passed 1.2 million test by famous Japanese company). The manual release (automatically return to the braking position) and the full wave excitation brake rectifier, which protect against power loss such as excessive current, impact, lightning, weak current, and system failure etc.

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