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  • T系列機械式無避讓立體停車庫專用減速機 T series gear motor for cantilever car parking system


    Three-in-one mode is adopted: reducer, motor and brake form an integrated gear motor.

    制動器采用平面彈簧加壓電磁制動,制動率182%,快速剎車為0.05s至0.07s,非石棉物剎車盤干式摩擦,整體剎車制動器配置鈦質蓋板防止潮濕剎車失靈,可保全天滿負荷運轉工作??焖僦苿诱髌鬏斎腚妷?70VAC 50/60Hz,絕緣耐壓1800VAC 50Hz 1min,剎車100萬次壽命。

    The brake adopts flat spring-loaded electromagnetic brake.Its braking rate is 182%, and quick brake time is 0.03s to 0.05s. The fast brake locking value is less than 5cm.With the non-asbestos brake disc dry friction, the overall brake is equipped with titanium cover plate to prevent the damp brake from malfunctioning, which can keep working at full load all day. The input voltage of the fast brake rectifier is 270VAC 50/60Hz, the insulation withstand voltage is 1800VAC 50Hz 1min, and the service life is 1 million times.


    The motor adopts aluminum alloy hot high-pressure casting, all copper wire copper enameled wire through deep dipping, insulation class F, protection class IP55, working system S1 operation, moisture-proof and dust-proof fully sealed. Suitable for outdoor working environment +80 ℃ to -25 ℃, and not suitable for direct corrosion of objects, the motor power is more than 1.2 times the national standard value.


    The special reducer is driven by a combination of helical gears and bevel gears at a right angle of 90°. Its self-locking rate is more than 65%. It uses high-quality 20CrMnTi gear steel. It is carburized to ensure the hard tooth surface and strength. Gears are processed by CNC precision grinding to ensure the technical requirements of gear hardness and accuracy and high mechanical transmission efficiency. It is suitable for the steering transmission device of cantilever car parking system.  The  loading noise of reducer is less than 30dB (A), the whole seal is no oil leakage, and the maintenance-free zero-fault design method is adopted.